A Walk Around the Rock

The Slippery Rock Heritage Association invites you to enjoy the sights around town and discover a little bit of Slippery Rock’s history. This map will help direct you through a short self-guided historical walking tour of Slippery Rock’s South Main Street. The map will guide you to a series of plaques found at various nearby locations that are both interesting and informative.

Currently there are sixteen numbered plaques. You will find these in the column next to the map. Click on the “more” link to read the whole story of the location and see a larger picture of the plaque. Each stop will help to give you a unique and fascinating perspective of the town while enjoying a short and healthy stroll around the heart of the Rock.

A Walk Around the Rock map

The above map is available to download as a larger size (8 1/2 ” x 14″) pdf. Click Here to download.

Historic Site #1

Blog Around the Rock

The “Walk Around the Rock” is designed to be both informative and educational, but it can also be a lot of fun. We would love it if our Walkers Around the Rock could send in a comment, photo, or just let us know about one of the stops that you found particularly interesting. Go ahead and take a selfie of you or your group on the walk and share it with our other visitors.

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    #1  The Town Center Tavern

    ON THIS SITE In 1823, a log building was built extending north to the street. One of the first buildings in Centreville … more

    Walk Around the Rock stop #2 The Shoemaker
    #2  The Shoemaker Shop

    ON THIS SITE since the early 1900’s, this site was occupied by many stores and services … more

    #3  The Cabinet Maker’s Shop

    ON THIS SITE Peter Uber, a cabinet-maker, came to Centreville circa 1805 and built a house and barn. … more

    #4 The Music Shop

    ON THIS SITE in 1874, this property was owned by the Young family. By 1922, Edward and Sarah Sowash owned the property with Sarah living there until 1956. … more

    #5 The Barber Shop

    ON THIS SITE n 1874, this was a portion of the Buchanan estate and contained their home. By 1922, Philip Friedman owned it. … more

    #6 The Mercantile Shop

    ON THIS SITE in 1870, A.J. Bard owned this property, later passing it to Martha Bard…. more

    #7 The Postal Store

    ON THIS SITE is one of the oldest buildings in the Borough. Isaac S. Pearson arrived in Centerville in 1826 and erected this house … more

    #8 The Pharmacy Shop

    ON THIS SITE in 1874, maps show this as part of the property owned by W.S. Bingham … more

    #9 The Laundry House

    ON THIS SITE From 1875, the Bingham’s owned this building. The Bingham Hardware operated here from 1890 until the 1950s … more

    #10 The Ice Cream Shop

    ON THIS SITE In 1874, Dr. Davis owned part of this property and part contained a two story home … more


    #11 The Harness & Hardware Shop

    ON THIS SITE in 1915 Dr. Newton Stillwagon Constructed this building and divided it into two businesses … more

    #12 The General Store

    ON THIS SITE prior to 1874, W.R. Foust had a cabinet and woodworking shop … more

    #13 The Roxy Theatre

    ON THIS SITE The open space between the two adjacent buildings was once the site of the Welsh Livery and Hilgar Garage. … more

    #14 The Union Hotel

    ON THIS SITE a frame building, the Union Hotel, occupied this prominent corner in the 1860s. … more

    #15 The Post Office

    ON THIS SITE this structure was built in 1924 by and for the Slippery Rock Meylert Lodge No. 435 … more

    #16 The Eatery

    ON THIS SITE There has been a dining spot here since 1919, beginning with Watson’s Stand Eatery … more


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