Story submitted by Sonya Lenz,

special walks to town from Sonya Lenz

My big sister and I walking to town.

Here I am, I’d say it’s the mid-70’s, and I’m with my big sister Wanda, standing out in front of West’s Grocery Store (which now holds the offices of Edward Jones Financial Services and Cassidy Insurance) on Franklin Street.  I look pretty happy, probably because it was a rare occasion that Wanda would take me anywhere (I always made her look ‘un-cool’ somehow).  Perhaps we were on our way to Knausses for a Cherry Coke (only on super, special days) or about to go inside West’s for some of their amazing varieties of Penny Candy (an entire little aisle dedicated to Penny Candy)?  I don’t recall.

I often wonder about this photograph and think it may have been taken by one of Slippery Rock’s famous citizens, Eddie Sager.  When one saw Eddie, he usually had a camera or two hanging around his neck and was always snapping away shots of people, events, and just about everything. It’s a fun photo for me, brings back lots of memories…. of a quieter town, not so much traffic, my childhood, and of  special ‘walks into town’ (even though we lived just up the block) with my sister Wanda.  ~Sonya Lenz, Slippery Rock, PA

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